a web app for
participatory watershed/community science

Peter Donovan
December 2019 and the coming expanded, improved, more flexible which will be hosted here, are open-source web apps designed to support participatory watershed or community science, and a shared, localized, evidence-based intelligence or distributed cognition on the relations between human management and ecosystem function. This is the opportunity for human society to learn how to work with the most powerful planetary force: coupled carbon and water cycling. This learning cannot remain exclusively digital, but information technology can play a support role in recording and sharing evidence and feedback, and displaying observations and data on maps with a variety of additional layers and contexts.

Participatory watershed or community science around carbon and water cycling can help students, land managers, citizens, and professionals engage with the various flows and variabilities of solar energy, in addition to the more popular emphases on species, substances or elements (such as C, N, or P), problems, and practices.

Record observations and the results of experiments will add:

because no two places, people, ranches, or farms are the same, or are asking the same questions!

Confucius said:

Tell me, and I forget.

Show me, and I remember.

Let me do, and I understand.

Can a data management system be designed to facilitate participatory learning and feedback, big-picture (yet local and grounded) understanding of the circle of life, the most powerful planetary force?

If you are coordinating or wanting to help start a participatory watershed science effort, and would like to participate in the use or design of a flexible web app, please contact me: